Performance Center 12.01 - can't run scripts?



I used Vugen 12.01 to create two sets of scripts. One is a TruClient and the other is just web. I uploaded full zipped files (all files, not just Runtime) and tried to run each of them. Both are getting errors, not executing at all.  


TruClient script error:


t=00183918ms: Error -205177: APIError: File_Not_Found
While calling handlers in RuleEngine dispatch, event=[Event type="step/errorSnapshot" target="1: Navigate to "https://lod-uimlongpc:8...c&SignOut=1""], handler=
function (e) {
"use strict";


Web script error:


The external user file was not copied to the load generator.


I'm wondering what I am doing wrong? or are there bugs with importing scripts and running them??


Thank you!!

Rebecca Clinard

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