HP ALM Performance center repository cleanup

Hi All,

How should I cleanup HP ALM Performance center repository?

also how would I know whether it is cleaned up successfully?


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  • Hi,

    Unfortunately there is no formal cleanup mechanism at the moment.

    The best advice I can give is to delete test runs based on some criteria (for example: test runs that are older than 1 year).

    To check whether it was cleaned up correctly you need to validate the size of the file repository.



  • hie i have question regarding the clean up of the repository.

    how to find the test runs which are older than 1 year and need to delete them completely from the repository to make some free space .

    thank you 



  • Hi Akshay, From the user project you can do it as follows 1. Login to your project using ALM Desktop Client 2. Browse to Test Lab 3. Select Purge Runs menu item from Test Sets menu 4. Select Test Sets from which you wish to delete runs and click Next 5. Select the time frame and other settings and click Next 6. Click Finish to start the purge From the Lab Management site 1. Login to Lab Management 2. Browse to PC Test Runs module (note that you see runs from all projects here depending on your filter) 3. Filter the runs grid to show runs with appropriate projects and time filter 4. Select the ones you wish to delete and delete them. It is advised not to delete big batches at once. I suggest sticking to up to 20 runs each time and give a minute between each batch. Regards, Shlomi
  • Hi,

    In addition , in case you’d; like to delete Project's runs per execution date (for example:  runs older than 1 year) and not per Test Set , you may use the following flow:

    1. Login to your project with ALM Client
    2. Use the Tests --> Test Runs entry from the main menu
    3. Filter the required runs (per execution date or Test/s etc..) and select them (highlight)
    4. Use the delete button (X) from the top tool bar or use right click and Delete
    5. The results of the above: These runs will be deleted from the project and their files will be marked for deletion

    The actual deletion of the files from the project's  file repository is not happening right away, it might be delayed up to 2 weeks, since we keep the files for recovery purposes in case a deletion was done by mistake.

    There are 2 jobs which are running every 7 days (by default) : 1. Garbage collection job to mark the file for deletion 2. Actual deletion for all files which are marked for deletion .

    Therefore even if you delete the runs please expect a delay until actually the files will be deleted.

    Please share with us which version of Performance Center are you running?

    Thanks, Aliza