Unable to access Performance Center

On clicking "<My Performance Center" link in ALM home page, it is not directing to the performance center site. Any suggestions on what configurations should be checked?

  • The My Performance Center site is hosted and delivered by the Performance Center Server(s). 


    If you login to Lab Management, has the Performance Center Server been defined?  Can you go to the License page and see the licenses that have been added?


    If that is working, and if you have access, I would RDP to the Performance Center Server and make sure that you can access the My Performance Center site locally. 


    The problem could be access issues between your client computer and the performance center server, make sure that the PC Server is part of your trusted sites in IE settings.

    If all that fails, I would suggest opening a case with HP Support to perform some active debugging and checking of the logs on the PC Server to try to identify the root cause.



  • Rajesh,


    Is that only you who is facing or everyone in your ENV?


    if so, could be a Firewall Issue, if you have gone through all Suggestions by Craig..!!


    Try pinging the PC server, if yes, then make the host entry of this PC Server and restart the Local machine and give a try.