SiteScope Topology Graph Won't Apear in Runtime Test Screen



Please I need any help with this:


- Working with Mercury Tours Example Application to validate platform workflow after installation.

- HP ALM Performance Center (The whole thing integrated, 1 MS-SQL DB Srv, 1 ALM Srv, 1 PC Srv, 1 LG DP CTR, 2 LG, 1 SiS Srv, 1 Diag Srv)

- ALM 11.52 Patch 2

- PC 11.52 PAtch 1

- SiS 11.23

- Diag 9.2



* AUT Server added in ALM corresponding module (With correct OS access)

* Topology correctly designed (only one node) with template monitors o manual monitors (no matter which, i've tried both).

* Performance Test case created and configured in TestLab Module (LR Scenario Like) and topology associated.

* When start running SiteScope Topology Graph does not apear.

* When I click in the topology Vertical-Right tab, and then click en in the topology previously associated node, a message appears saying that there's no monitor associated with the topology node.


I've tried everthing... 



Also can't add SiteScope monitor using monitor profile.


I'm sending all the printscreens, maybe that could help...


Thank you so much in advance to anybody that can help me.


Best Regards.








SiS Topology.rar
  • Hi,


    Could you please check the following?


    1. If SiteScope is installed on a machine other than the Controller, verify that the SiteScope machine is accessible from the Controller machine.

    http://< SiteScope IP>:<port>/SiteScope


    2. Make sure that correct SiteScope setup type is selected during installation i.e

    “HP SiteScope for Load Testing” . You can check it in SiteScope -> Help -> About SiteScope


    3. In SiteScope for LoadTesting -> Preferences-> General Preferences -> LW-SSO Settings the communication security passphrase should be  the one defined in

    In ALM Site Administration>Site Configuration>COMMUNICATION_SECURITY_PASSPHRASE.

    User Credentials are case sensitive!


    4. Additionally  you can check in the following troubleshooting steps available in ALM Performance Center Installation Guide under chapter “Unable to View Topology Monitors Online”

    Problem Description

    When running a load test that contains topology, the topology monitors

    data is not shown. You may get the following error when clicking the

    topology tab view: This node does not have a monitor.


    1 On the Host machine, validate that EnableInUi is set to 1 in <install

    folder> dat\online_graphs\online_resource_graphs.rmd

    2 In Sitescope, set the monitor frequency to a higher value (by default it is

    set to 10 minutes). Make sure it is set for less than 10 seconds. For more

    information, see HP Software Self-solve knowledge base article


    Looking forward to your update.

    Kind regards,

  • Hello 

  • Hi,


    I think that the problem is that the SiteSope graphs appears only if it is selected.


    Please try  the following:


    1. Click on Topology tab

    2. Click on Mercury Tours in the Topology window

    3. The graph SiteScope Monitoros on Mercury Tours should  now appear in the list of graphs.

    4. You should wait for some time untill the graph starts to show data.



    Another option is to:

    1. Select Graphs tab on the right:
    2. Under Topology there is a list of the available topology graphs
    3. Select the desired graph for example SiteScope Monitoros on Mercury Tours
    4. Wait until  the graph SiteScope Monitoros on Mercury Tours appears as the first graph in the graphs window
    5. Measurements will be displayed with some delay.

    Please let me know the outcome.


    Looking forward to your update.

    Thank you in advance.


    Kind regards,