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Add LRE REST APIs for Cloud Host Templates

Status : New Idea

A customer has a pipeline process that creates a custom Cloud LG every month.

The pipeline selects the latest stock AWS Windows Server image (to ensure all OS patches are up to date),
installs all their base software (SAP GUI, Citrix Receiver, etc.),
installs LG pre-requisites (Visual C++ packages, dotNet 4),
and then installs and configures the OneLG MSI.
The result is an Amazon Machine Image (AMI) which can be included in an LRE Host Template.

Each time a new AMI is generated, the Host Template must be updated manually.
It would be beneficial for LRE to have REST APIs so that the pipeline could update the Host Template with the latest AMI ID automatically.
This would require a typical set of CRUD APIs for the Host Template entities.

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