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Customizable (per tenant) Warning Banner / Legal Notice on login (e.g. against unauthorized access)

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4 months ago

Some background information:

Have a location where a company can place their own warning banner text, warning users against unauthorized access on tenant level for SaaS.

  • Hi  - this capability that  mentioned is specifically at the server (or entire app) level. We do not have this implemented at the tenant level. If this is what you're looking for, can you please update your Idea and we can look to see how and when we can implement such a feature.


  • Is this also true for multi-tenant SaaS, so per tenant?

  • Hi,

    You can use the following steps in order to achieve that:

    First step:

    On the LRE server, go to the installation folder, go to PCWEB folder and edit WEB.CONFIG file. Then, change the WelcomePageFeatureEnabled key from false to true.

    Second step:

    On ther LRE server, go to the installation folder, go to PCWEB\WELCOME folder and edit the file so it will include the content you want the users to see. Once finish, save this file.(*Make sure the file is valid HTML file)

    Last step:

    Each user (after the login step), will see this popup with the content you defined.