Idea ID: 2871684

Dynatrace SaaS / Managed integration: secure storage of token

Status : New Idea

Secure token by making it unretrievable (and not sending it with new requests, but store it with the server) so users who do not know the token, cannot take the token from the monitor edit page and use it for another purpose.

Perhaps allow SiteAdmins to set a token and hostGroupName or managementZone to a project for users to pick hosts from. Might also need to be a feature from Dynatrace to limit a token to a hostGroupName or managementZone. Not sure about all the possibilities here.

We also just learned about the possibility in Dynatrace Managed to have the user create tokens that have the same rights as they have, so that would also reduce this issue, but still, if a data owner creates the token for the team to work with, the token should be stored in a secure manner.