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Host monitoring should be automated to easily show hosts and LG's in a test

Status : New Idea
over 1 year ago

PC SAAS monitoring over firewall does not have an automated ability to show those only those SUT's and LG's that are part of the test with the test results.

Setting up MOFW for all LG's and SUT's would bring in all infrastructure metrics across all hosts,  not helpful.

LG's can be assigned randomly causing the tester to have to filter every time.

ON Prem PC makes this easy,  LG's part of the run for example are just a click to include.

To the best of my knowledge, sitescope integration won't solve making the (possibly random) selection of lg's automatically available for inclusion into the test results display.

Being able to correlate system metrics from sut's and lg's that were part of each run is a critical performance engineerign function, there is a gap between PC ON PREM and PC SAAS functionality