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Influx 2.x support forLRE Analysis Servers

Status : New Idea
8 months ago

Analysis servers currently supported are version 1.7x.  Please consider adding support for newer versions of InfluxDB (i.e. 2.x)



  • I like to see this as well, but also with some extra features to make it work for many projects.

    Support a kind of per project prefix for the measurements (gives control over who can see what in Influx 2.0).

    Give the possibility to add some extra Tags per project.

    Give the possibility to exclude some Tags that are created by LRE. Esp tags around parent/child transactions will have a huge amount of values and that is not what you want for high volume transactions.

    When we will use raw data with influx v1 we will go via telegraf (influx proxy) and exclude those tags. Note that you can via telegraf publish data to influx v2. So this might be your workaround.