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Keep the test run web graph data infinitely until user/administrator decide to purge it.

Wicaksono Aji Wicaksono Aji
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As you all may/might not know, the dashboard of test run having useful graph from influxdb data in the host controller machine during testing. 

After the test finished, the dashboard will still point to the influxdb of the controller machine.
this causing issue if controller are offline/removed then we will lost the graph data and the test results will not have the online graph anymore.

Any normal user, would have a common expectation of the same graph always available during test run and after test run.

So it would be best to process and saved related influxdb bucket after each test run, into centralized LRE influxdb for availability of the graph.

i also make the discussion over here if you're interested to follow:
(+) How to set Infinite retention for Test Run Data Graph ? The LRE are are automatically purging our test graph data !! - LoadRunner Enterprise User Discussions - LoadRunner Enterprise (


    Hello Wicaksono,

    As per the discussion thread we had, adding it as well for tracking purposes and visibility, we would recommend to install and configure an external InfluxDB server, as per the documentation:

    This way all the online/offline graphs data will be stored and managed accordingly. Let us know if there are questions or issues here. 

    Regarding the regular analyzed results, those are stored by LRE in a different location. 

    Keep us posted how that works.



  • we also would like to see the graphs a long as they have not been purged actively by the user/admin. I don't like the behavoiur that the data gets lost in the ui an that the only workaround is to download them manually and see them offline.