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Pop-up to display script info for all scripts at once in a scenario schedule

Status : New Idea
8 months ago
Hi team!
Suppose, you are running performance test scenario with a ramp up, which looks like "stairs", just as example. In Performance Center version you had a capability to compare schedule of each script to another one in a single shedule view, important here is that a pop-up info was displayed for every script per the moment of time (please find attached screenshots for clarity).  When you configure non trivial per script schedule it become a real pain to keep timing in sync and this feature was really helpfull.
Currently in LRE 2020 - this capability is limited to only the script you are looking at. So to keep scripts in scenario in sync you have to jump between each of them to compare schedule per each step in a rump-up, a routine and error prone task.
Could you please consider reintroducing this feature to LRE
Valery Kuvaev