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"Transfer scripts to load generators during test initialization stage" set to ON by default

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In LRE 2022 , there is a setting ]under Edit Test --> Group and Workload tab --> More --> Test Option --> Transfer scripts to load generators during test initialization stage.

This option meant to saves time by removing script downloading from the sequence of actions needed by the Scheduler.

But by default this option is OFF.

This ER is request for this option by default is ON during the scenario creation.

Some LRE user does not aware of this option which resulting all Vuser fail during the load test if this option is not turn ON.

With this option being default as ON , we are more proactive in solving the issue and save users time to modify/undo default OFF every time the scenario is created.


  •   in reply to OMK

    Agree, OMK.

    Do you know if this is planned for implementation yet?


    Just keep in mind that for customers that use Network Virtualization with NV Insights this feature(NV Insights report) is not compatible. anyhow a tooltip ,next to checkbox, with a warning about this limitation will do the job in that case.


    As the option seems to be hidden rather deeply in the Edit Test settings, it makes sense to me to turn this ON by default.