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we need support for multiple database instnaces

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30 days ago

Current implementation of LRE has a single point of failure for database we need to support for multiple database  instances to distribute the  load evenly on DB sevrvers.

for example 1000+ projects on Sigle DB instance instance , with High availability creating AG groups to sync databases between two DB instances for high availability impacting the DB performance. so we need support to host projects on multiple DB instances so we can decide which projects needs low latency DB's based on its utilization.





  • Thanks Hirschbolz.

    As we moved out from ALM why don't we just have one database like we have till PC 9.5. I'm not a product design expert but keeping fewer databases will be easy for product maintenance and upgrades. May be separate databases for Admin and one database per domain.

  • this would be a perfect enhancement for our company, too. Remember that with version 12.63 and ALM we could use as many SQL servers as we want.

    Furthermore it would support also the migration in a much better way (we can copy the existing projects):

    - migrate to a higher version of LRE (and use a new SQL server)

    - migrate to higher version of SQL server