Increase the Collate Timeout


Increase the collate timeout for the project. To do that, follow please  these steps:
1. Login to a project on http://<ALM_Server>:8080/qcbin
2. Go to Tools -> Performance Center Controller Options -> Run Results -> Collate Settings
3--> Timeout -> Collate timeout in minutes - set this to a bigger number and rerun the test or try to collate again.

Comment List
  • Hi Mohammed,

    In LRE2021 and the next there is an additional option to improve the collation experience - Collate results during test run

    • Select a performance test in the test management tree and click Edit Test.

    • In the Groups and Workload tab, select More >  Test Options in the Groups pane toolbar. The Test Options dialog box opens.

    • Select the Collate tab, and configure the options as required:

    • Configure Controller options (