VuGen integration with LoadRunner Enterprise has never been easier LoadRunner Professional 2020 SP1


Up until LoadRunner 12.63, uploading a script from VuGen to LoadRunner Enterprise (formerly known as Performance Center) was hard. You could upload via ALM, or go to the LoadRunner Enterprise web page and upload from there.

In LoadRunner Professional 2020, we introduced a new one-way upload option, from VuGen to the LoadRunner Enterprise server.

Starting from LoadRunner Professional 2020 SP1, the upload process from VuGen has become much easier and intuitive. VuGen also comes with a comprehensive integration that allows users to upload, download and open LoadRunner Enterprise scripts directly from VuGen.

Let’s start…

From the main menu bar in VuGen, open the ‘Integrations’ menu and select the ‘LoadRunner Enterprise…’ option.



Connecting to the LoadRunner Enterprise server requires authentication, followed by Domain and Project selection. Click ‘LOGIN’ when the selection is done.


Script management

The script management page enables the user to perform actions on the scripts in the selected folder, or to upload scripts from VuGen to this folder.

Note that the user must select a folder as a first step.

Script management – info bar

The script management page displays general information on the top info bar, including Domain, Project, and the selected folder. On the right side of the info bar you can see the connected user, and by hovering over it you can see the connected server.


Script Management – action bar

The action bar contains the Upload scripts, Download scripts, Open scripts, Search, and Refresh actions. In addition, it displays the Selected scripts indicator.


Upload scripts

Allows the user to upload some or all the currently open scripts in VuGen. Scripts are uploaded as ZIP files.

Download scripts

Allows the user to download selected scripts from LRE server to the local file system. Scripts are downloaded as ZIP files.

Open scripts

Enables the user to open selected scripts for editing in VuGen. Clicking on 'Open scripts' will display the selected scripts in VuGen, for the user to be able to edit, replay, change runtime settings, etc.

Saving the script will automatically update the script on the LoadRunner Enterprise server, so that it’s ready for load testing.


Enables the user to filter the displayed script list on the current folder, according to the search value.
Click on the search icon to start your search.

Selected scripts indicator

Displays the amount of currently selected scripts from the total amount of scripts in the folder.
Note that the selected scripts indicator is not affected by the search results.

Refresh button

Allows the user to refresh the scripts list and re-align it with the server.

Script management – script list

The script list displays all the scripts in the selected folder.
Multiple selection is available for Download and Open actions.


Script Management – navigation bar

The navigation bar allows the user to go back to the authentication, and domain/project selection page, or to close the dialog.


Change project

Enables the user to go back to the authentication and  domain/project selection page. There, he can disconnect from the server, change the domain, or change the project.


Closes the LoadRunner Enterprise integration dialog

Get started

If you are working with the LoadRunner Enterprise and VuGen latest releases, we recommend that you give this new ability a try!

We would be happy to get your feedback at:

For more information, check out the VuGen Help Center.


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