VTS configuration for NTLM-Authentication


Hi there forks,

has anybody tried to activate NTLM-Authentication in VTS?

I'm working with MS Active Directory which works fine in ALM via LDAPS.

VTS works perfect with TLS enabled without user authentication (3 Users). But now I'm forced to enable some kind of user authentication. Basic authentication works fine, but is not allowed with plain passwords in config file, which leads me to NTLM. Configuration help doesn't help much for NTLM https://admhelp.microfocus.com/vugen/en/2021-2021_R1/help/WebHelp/Content/VTS/c_configure_SPS.htm

I tried every possible configuration for domain, domaincontroller and role like following, leads to "internal server error" when I try to login via browser (FF, Edge, Chrome)

 "role": {
            "administrator": ["ab.cdefg.net\\k12345","Admin"],
            "user": ["vugen","ab.cdefg.net\\k56789"]
      "requireBasicAuthForAPI": false,
    "domain": "ab",
    "domaincontroller": "ab.cdefg.net",

Do you have any hints or example for value of domain and domaincontroller?

Thanks a lot



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  • Update

    After trying different configurations with my AD-Admin we figured out, that VTS 2021.1.0 doesn't support security protocols.

    I've updated node.js from V12.2.0 to V16.14.0 x64. V17 doesn't work.

    The working configuration would look like this

    "domain": "ab.cdefg.net",
    "domaincontroller": "ldaps://ab.cdefg.net:686",

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