Upgrading PVCS VM and migrating from Solaris to Oracle Enterprise Linux

We are migrating from Solaris 11 to Oracle Enterprise Linux. We're currently running a pretty ancient version (5.3) and would certainly like to migrate to a more current version of PVCS VM.  We have concerns that only 2 Linux distributions are listed as supported (Red Hat and SUSE). But I'd like to think that MicroFocus simply doesn't go to the trouble of certifying on the myriad of distros that are available.

I'm also a little concerned that our target OS is indicated to run a '64-bit only kernel' (UEKR5). Some have implied that this means that 32-bit applications won't run in this env. But my understanding is that they can if the right libraries are present. IAC, is the current version of PVCS VM for Linux a 64-bit app or a 32-bit app?

Thanks for any insights you can provide.