pcli list export to xml

No problem with the command as such, but what are the date formats? Cannot find an explanation in PCLI users guide, i.e. the long ugly numbers in red below? 

<VersionedFile EntityPath="/Proj/somecode.cbl" Name="somecode.cbl" ArchivePath="D:\Somepath\Proj\archives\Proj\somecode.cbl-arc" ArchiveOwner="johndoe" CreateTime="1179299264000" LockCount="0" RevisionCount="15" WorkPath="." WorkPathNamespace="0">
<Revision EntityPath="/Proj/somecode.cbl/1.14" Name="1.14" Author="janedoe" LockCount="0" ModificationDate="1602767058000" CheckedInDate="1603107676000">
<ChangeDescription>Maskinell &#x00e4;ndring av CALL_DML, Task 154811

Probably makes sense to someone, but an explanation in the documentation would have been nice.