looking for the syntax to get a list of workspaces using PCLI

I have tried many different forms of pcli list ... and can't seem to come up with the syntax required to get a list of workspaces

I assume it is something like this, but I am having no luck

pcli list -i -pr"our project database" -zt"Workspace"
  • Hi Shane,

    You get an A for effort, and getting dangerously close :-)

    To list all Public workspaces, use:
    pcli list -pr"ProjectDatabase" -id"Username:Password" -l -ztWorkspace /@/Public/*

    To list the private workspaces for a user, use:
    pcli list -pr"ProjectDatabase" -id"Username:Password" -l -ztWorkspace /@/Username/*

    You can only list the private workspace of the active user. The option -id is only necessary if your login source requires it.

    With kind regards,

    - Richard.