I am getting some errorr

What can we do if we are getting error of path already exist that you have entered while creating new project database ?
  • Hello Rakhi,

    The Knowledge Base is a good resource to find solutions for specific types of errors. In there you'll find this document describing the cause for the error you are getting, and how to solve it:

  • Hi Richard,

    Thanks for you reply.

    I have managed to resolve the above issue . But now I need some more help because I am getting error while uploading files in PVCS that Error, Serena PVCS Version Manager could not access the file change.log because it is in use by another user.

    Please suggest me on this.

  • Hi Rakhi,

    Are you using a VM File Server? If yes, check the File Server Admin portal (from a browser on the server: http://localhost:8080/serenafs/Admin) and check if there's a semaphore listed for this file. If it is, delete said file.

    If the VM File Server is not being used, does your user ID have write access to update this file?

    if yes, are you trying to upload from multiple sessions in parallel? If yes, please report which VM release(s) you are using to do that, and whether the PDB is being access through VM File Server.

    Kind regards,

    - Richard.