Why aren't these two get commands identical?

if I have d9program.cbl in my pvcs project and the latest revision is 1.4

Why doesn't these two commands end up with the same file?

K:\> pcli.exe -nb run -y -q get -prN:\\Pvcs\\Dinka -r1.1 -aK:\\workdir\\workfile.cbl /Subroutines/d9program.cbl

K:\> pcli.exe -nb run -y -q get -prN:\\Pvcs\\Dinka -r1.1 -p /Subroutines/d9program.cbl > K:\\workdir\\workfile.cbl

The first command yields the expected result, revision 1.1 in workfile.cbl. With the second command you end up with the latest revision 1.4 in workfile.cbl

I'm perfectly fine with the first format, just curious to what I am missing since the documentation doesn't give me any clues and it seems perfectly valid in my eyes.