How To: Adjust RLC Deployment Log so that 'QA Result Time' outputs as date/time


In Serena Release Control (RLC), users can view information about task executions from the RLC Deployment Log and associated reports. The RLC Deployment Log is a special auxiliary table created as a "solution view." One of the default pieces of information for any task execution is the QA Result Time. This value is stored and displayed as a string, which unfortunately means it will not be adjusted to the user's local time. These instructions explain how to fix the solution view so that the value is output as date/time.

You must know if you're using Microsoft SQL or Oracle SQL for your databases. There are two provided files; one for each type. Download one of the provided ZIP archives and extract the included XML file. Alternatively, you may make the file edits manually as detailed in step 7.

Download: or

Warning!: This process will involve removing and reimporting the RLC Solution Views. Privileges to the RLC Deployment Log and RLC DU Execution Log will have to be reapplied. Additionally, reports associated with these tables will have to be recreated. Parameters for recreating the 3 default reports - "RLC Deployment Log for Release Packages", "RLC Deployment Units for Environment", and "RLC DU Execution Log for Deployment Path" are included.

For each application engine server:

  1. Navigate to the following location:
    ..\installation directory\SBM\Application Engine\ViewDefinitions\
  2. Remove RLCViews.xml file from directory and backup in another location.
  3. Open command prompt to the Application Engine bin directory. The prompt should look like:
    ..\installation directory\SBM\Application Engine\bin>
  4. Enter command:
    ttadmin.exe /GenerateViewsAllowDelete
    A dialog will appear and then close. You may leave command prompt open.
  5. Return to the ViewDefinitions directory.
  6. Move provided RLCViews_Microsoft.xml or RLCViews_Oracle.xml (extracted from ZIP) into directory, or move a copy of the original RLCViews.xml file back in and open for editing.
  7. If you're using a provided file, continue to next step. If you're modifying RLCViews.xml file then replace the following line (26):
    NULLIF(qaResultTime_property.VALUE,'') TS_QA_RESULT_TIME,
    with one of the following:
    • Microsoft:
      CONVERT(datetime2,NULLIF(qaResultTime_property.VALUE,'NONE'),121) TS_QA_RESULT_TIME,
    • Oracle:
    Save the file changes.
  8. Return to the command prompt and enter command:
    ttadmin.exe /GenerateViews
  9. Open SBM Application Administrator (web admin) and reapply user/group roles for RLC Deployment Log and RLC DU Execution Log tables.
  10. Open SBM Report Center and re-create necessary reports:
    1. RLC Deployment Log for Release Package
      • Report Item Type: RLC Deployment Log
      • Columns: Start Time, End Time, Execution Type, Execution Status, Path Element ID, Environment ID, QA Result, QA Result Time, Parent TC ID, Source TC Execution ID
      • Search Filter: 'Task Collection ID' contains (Query At Runtime)
      • Sort by: Start Time - Ascending
      • Privilege Category: Guest
      • Reference Name: RLC.DeploymentLogByTCID
    2. RLC Deployment Units for Environment
      • Report Item Type: RLC DU Execution Log
      • Columns: Deployment Unit, Release Package, End Time, Task Execution Status, Release Engineer
      • Search Filter: 'Environment TTID' like (Query At Runtime)
      • Sort by: End Time - Descending, Then by: Task Execution Status - Descending
      • Privilege Category: Guest
      • Reference Name: RLC.DUsForEnvironment
    3. RLC DU Execution Log for Deployment Path
      • Report Item Type: RLC DU Execution Log
      • Columns: Deployment Unit, Configuration, Type, Release Package, Task Execution Status, Start Time, End Time
      • Search Filter: 'Task Collection Execution ID' contains (Query At Runtime) and 'Environment TTID' like (Query At Runtime)
      • Privilege Category: Guest
      • Reference Name: DusForDpExecution
  11. Enjoy! Now when users view the data, the QA Result Time value will be adjusted as prescribed by their SBM profile settings.


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