Setting a default value for the Task Template in Release Package


RLC 6.0 has implemented a new feature that allows, during the creation of a Release Package (RP), setting a default set of tasks to be implemented during the RP’s deployment. A few steps through Application Administrator and Composer allows for this to be easily handled.

1. As an administrator, in Application Administrator navigate to the RP project you wish to have default tasks set to. I created a project that will handle a defaulted Task Template for Minor Release Packages.
2. Open Default Fields and select the Task Template field.
3. Set the Default Value to the task template that you wish to use. It is recommended that you mark the field as Read Only as well so that users cannot change it when submitting.

4.Navigate back to the project, select the States/Transitions and locate the Submit and Submit from Release Train transitions.

5. Select the Submit transition. Find the Release Type field and deselect Allow Override, this will cause Read Only to be selected, and save. Repeat this step for the Submit from Release Train transition.


6. Save and close the Application Administrator. Now, click edit on the action Form Load: Initialize Task Template List in Release Package's Submit Transition Form in Composer.
7. Add a 'this form is loaded' event to the When. Press Ok.

8.Create a new Action underneath the Form Load: Initialize Task Template List action. Title the action whatever you desire.Create the action -

When the form is loaded

If Task Template field is not empty

Then hide Task Template field hide TaskTemplateOptions control.

Press Ok and deploy the changes.

To see the result, submit into the Release Package project you selected in step one and navigate to the Deployment Tasks tab on the state form. There you should see the tasks that were included with the defaulted Task Template. The tasks will need to be validated.


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