Integrating SBM / Release Control with ServiceNow


This is my experience with integrating SBM / Release Control with ServiceNow at a recent customer engagement.

Requirements: The customer had a variety of systems in place, and one dept was using ServiceNow. The requirement was to create a Change Request ticket in ServiceNow, upon the completion of a Release Package in Release Control.  This use case was mostly for record keeping, as the Change Request in SNOW was created, populated with data from SBM, and then set to be completed.

Design: Given that ServiceNow is a cloud based platform, they offered a web services API that appeared to fit nicely with SBM's orchestrations platform. The idea was to trigger an Orchestration to run after the Release Package completes, which would do an Insert/Update into ServiceNow. I decided to use their Direct SOAP Web Services API. They also offer a REST service option.

ServiceNow Integration: ServiceNow maintains a wiki that documents their web services API, and this was used to produce the integration with SBM. The wiki can be found at:

ServiceNow is setup so that each solution is contained in its own database table, and each table has its own web services and WSDL. For example, the Problems solution in ServiceNow has its own table, and its own WSDL would be at a URL like https:\\acme\ Similarly, the Change Request solution has its own table and web services. Its SOAP web services are available via its own WSDL, at something like https:\\acme\
Orchestrations:  The main ServiceNow web service operation to use is the Insert operation. I also used the Update operation, as it appeared that some fields couldn't be populated upon an Insert, but could with a follow up Update.  
It was a minor challenge to match up the correct database field names from Service Now, with fields from SBM/ALM, in the orchestrations. This was mainly because the customer had a large number of fields setup in ServiceNow with a lot of duplicated/similarly named fields. Also just the nature of the customer's relationship with ServiceNow, it was difficult to get ServiceNow expertise, so there was a bit of guess work in terms of which fields were which. 
Once the Change Request is created in ServiceNow, the ticket number is retrieved and then it is stored in a text field in the SBM/Release Control objects.




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