Installing and Configuring Serena Release Control


See how to install and configure the Serena Release Control SBM solution.

This video takes you through the installation and configuration of the Release Control solution quickly, using time lapse. The actual installation and configuration will take longer. The pre-requisite steps are not covered, and only some of the post-installation steps. Use this video in conjunction with the online Help Installation and Configuration section or download the Installation and Configuration Guide PDF to follow along. You can find these on

The installation and configuration of the ChangeMan ZMF plugin is covered in a separate video.  

Note: This video shows the version 6.0 installation. Version 6.0.1 and 6.1 installations are almost the same. The differences are as follows:

  • Versions of files, such as the solution file, will match the version you are installing.
  • You will need to set table privileges for the RLC DU Execution Log table in addition to the RLC Deployment Log table mentioned in the video at approximately 02:55.

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