Can Rhythm detect change packages in child views?

I have some (to me at least) odd behaviour in Rhythm.

If I check in changes to StarTeam linked against a given Rhythm Task in a main view of a project they appear in the Relationships for the Rhythm Story and therefore I can create a code review for these changes.

If, however, I check in changes to StarTeam linked against the same Rhythm Task but where the changes only appear in a child view within the StarTeam project, they do not appear within Rhythm at all.

Some questions:

  1. Is this expected behaviour?
  2. If it isn't expected behaviour, how can I fix it?
  3. If this is expected behaviour, is there any way I can associate changes with Rhythm tasks from child views manually?

James Telfer

  • Hello James,

    You have actually identified a defect as the Code Review capability is currently identifying child view changes linked to a Story but not those linked to a Task. We will be fixing this issue and making it part of our 5.2 Rhythm release in February. If you'd like to track this issue further, please submit a case to Customer Care and we will let you know when an early release of the fix is made available.

    Thanks very much,