Unable to start open agent on local machine -- Failed to start /Agent/openAgent.exe after a timeout of 180 seconds

Hi All,

I am running the tests in 4VM's and every time the run is triggered, the test does not invoke in the machine and throws an error like below, when I check the logs.

Unable to start the open agent on the local machine -- Failed to start /Agent/openAgent.exe after a timeout of 180 seconds.,

could you please help me out why it is happening regularly and one more thing once I uninstall and install the execution server the tests start running.

  • Any solution to the above issue?a reply would really help

  • Hi Kirti.

    Could you elaborate about your scenario? Are you trying to trigger Silk4J tests from a Silk Central server? Did you try to run the tests locally, without Silk Central involved? Did you check if the Open Agent is already running on the virtual machines? If not, have you tried to start the Open Agent manually?

    Before you can create a test or run a sample script, the Silk Test Open Agent must be running. Typically, the Agent starts when you launch the product. If you must manually start the Open Agent, perform this step.

    Click (in Microsoft Windows 7) Start > Programs > Silk > Silk Test > Tools > Silk Test Open Agent or (in Microsoft Windows 10) Start > Silk > Silk Test Open Agent. The Silk Test Open Agent icon  displays in the system tray.