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Creating Bug Issue

Hi, wonder if you can help me. I am trying to create a brand new bug within SILK. When I select the 'Create new issue' radio button, the following message is displayed:

"Cannot load profile: User with Login "<username>" and provided password cannot be authenticated."

If click the OK button then manually enter the username and password, a "Message from webpage" containing a lot of information:

"Exception caught: (TypeError)

description: Unable to set property 'i' of undefined or null reference number: -21468223281

stack: TypeError: Unable to set property 'i' of undefined or null reference at Mzb".

Tried resetting passwords, logging in and out multiple times, but cannot get to a point where I can raise defects.

  • Hi Mike

    Are you using the integrated Issue Manager profile that is part of your Silk Central instance or an external Issue Manager system?

    We need to ensure the Issue Tracking Profile configuration is working fine. You can confirm this by going to Issues => Issue Tracking Integration.  Please select the Profile that you are using to view the configuration. Once you confirm the Username and Password are correct, click OK. Do you see any error message?