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We want to ensure that no matter what role you undertake when using Silk Central, you can obtain the knowledge and guidance to overcome any task you undertake.

It is easy to integrate Silk Central with your current IT Infrastructure and you can watch any of the videos below detailing how you can do this.

One of the most important areas in Silk Central is the system administration section. This is where you will gather logs, configure clients, reporting servers and a host of other features.

System Administrator Account in Silk Central

The video below details how to use the System Administrator account will be used and the access it provides.

As the system administrator of the application, one of the tasks you may need to undertake when logging a Support Incident is to gather the logs from the application.  Silk Central provides a web page from the System Administrator account which packages all the logs to one zip file and includes all the information required about your environment.

You will find out how to gather these logs through the video below.

Generate the System Diagnostics Reports in Silk Central

The logs contain information that is not available by just gathering these from the directory so it is always preferable to use the method above. The system administration section also provides the ability to configure the infrastructure that is part of your Silk Central. 

This area includes the ability to modify the chart servers you have configured, and also the email server used for notifications sent to users. Below you will find out how easy it is to configure chart servers. Chart servers are used to generate reports in the application and you can configure multiple of these for a large installation.

Configure the Silk Central Chart Server

You will want to ensure that all the user receive notifications when they have tests assigned to them. The first step to this is ensuring you have configured your email server in Silk Central.

Configuring Email Server

As an administrator, you may need to upgrade your environment as well and one of the first steps to this is enabling Silk Central Maintenance Mode. Maintenance Mode in Silk Central enables you to display a message to your users if there is any downtime or maintenance to the application.

This is extremely useful for informing users without them having to email the administrators to find out what is happening so saving you time to concentrate on the task you are performing. 

To enable Maintenance Mode you can watch the video below.

Maintenance Mode in Silk Central





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