Assigning a manual test to testers in SilkCentral Test Manager 13.0


From the SCTM dashboards page choose add pane and select Manual Tests Assigned to me.  Set the manual tests assigned to me pane to that project.

Click Tests > Details View > New Test Container – I called it manual Tests.

  • Right click Manual Tests and choose New Child Test – I called mine Manual Test 1.
  • Select manual Test 1 and choose Steps – I added Step 1 and Step 2.
  • Choose Execution Planning > Details View
  • Select Project > Manual Testing Doc and select Deployment tab.
  • Click Edit under No Manual Testers assigned.

I choose admin as the user to assign my test to. Click Add to move that user across.

Now go to Execution Planning > Manual Execution Planning
Manual test 1 appears here:

Click test Assignment and choose New Testing Cycle > I called mine Testing Cycle 1 and gave today as the start and next week as the end. For duration I gave 36 hours.
Go back to Test Selection. Drag and drop Manual test 1 into Testing Cycle 1 like so:

Highlighted in yellow is the area to drag and drop and 0/1 completed shows that a test is assigned.
Go to Test Assignment and click on No specific tester. You should see any tests which are not assigned to any users:

For testing cycle 1 box click the settings option to show the drop down and choose Edit assigned testers.

Now click on Add testers and select the group and user you want to add to this test cycle.

Now click on No specific user and the unassigned manual test should be shown. Drag and drop it into admin and it should show 0/1 for admin like so:

At this stage the item will still not be visible in the manual tests assigned to me pane and this is because I have not started the test cycle yet. To start the test cycle go to Test Selection and click on the test cycle 1 settings icon and choose start test cycle:

Now the manual test should show under the assigned users pane and you can click on the continue manual test option.

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