Unable to move test or folder to another test container because it still references an execution plan


When trying to copy and paste a test from one container to another the above error will occur if the test is still associated with an execution plan.  

Right click on test and cut.

Right click on new test folder and choose paste as child. This produces the error.

Click on test case and choose properties. Select the link for the execution plan.

Now delete the execution plan.

Now go back to Tests > details view.

Right click on test and cut, then right click on folder and paste.

This should now move the test.

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  • Hi jroine,

    It would not be possible to completely move the test and maintain the history. The way you could accomplish this though would be to create a version of your original test, call say old version. This will allow users to know this is the old test.

    You can then Copy the Test and Past this to the other Test Container, this will create a new version of this test in the new location.

    You could then add an attribute or a way of allowing users to see this linked to old test case.

    Any issues let us know.


  • I have tried the above process and it does not work for me. The test cycles that the tests were located in, have since been run and completed. Is there another option to be able to move these tests from one container to another after they have been ran and completed in a test cycle? Also can I do this without loosing the history of this test cycle run?

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