Created On:  17 September 2012


When executing Windows Scripting Host (WSH) tests from SilkCentral Test Manager why do I see a failed icon is displayed in the Timeline tab of the Test Run Results?


If your WSH script returns a failed Icon in the Timeline Tab of the Test Run Results even though the "Details View" shows that the Test passed; like so:

Then this is an indication that you are missing the "WasSuccess" element from your XML file. For example, consider the XML code used to generate the Output.xml file is as follows:

On completion of the Windows Scripting Host Test; SilkCentral Test Manager parses the output.xml from the working directory of the WSH test.

The Error and Warning count values ultimately determine whether the test Passed or Failed; however these will not influence the icon that is displayed in the Timeline view.
To affect whether a Green (Passed) or Red (Failed) icon is displayed in the Timeline; you need to add a 'WasSuccess' node, to the Result Element in the generated output.xml file, like so:


Incident #2590054