Created On:  13 September 2010


What environment variables are necessary to invoke SilkTest when executing SilkTest tests from SilkCentral Test Manager?


SCTM initially uses environment variable SILKTEST_HOME to find the SilkTest "partner.exe".

If SILKTEST_HOME is not set,  SCTM takes the path of SEGUE_HOME variable.

To set the environment variable please follow steps below:

1. Open Control panel and choose System.

2. Click on Advanced tab.

3. Choose Environment Variables.

4. Create a new System variable.

5. Set the name to "SILKTEST_HOME ".

6. Set the value of the variable to your SilkTest directory (Eg - C:\Program Files\Silk\SilkTest\)

7. Restart your SCTM services.