What known issues are there with SilkCentral Issue Manager 3.2 and are there any suggested workarounds?



What known issues are there with SilkCentral Issue Manager 3.2 and are there any suggested workarounds?


Database Administration

Issue: When you attempt to connect to or create a database on a SQL Server but mistakenly specify Oracle as the database type, the SQL Server may crash.

Workaround: Ensure that you specify the correct database type. Restart the SQL Server if it has crashed.

Issue: The import (from existing database) functionality doesn"t work with all versions of Oracle.

Workaround: Use Oracle version 8.1.6 or higher.

Issue: While expanding Routing Rules with SilkRadar Administrative Console, an error may occure when updating issues using the Issue Manager.

Workaround: Wait until the Administrative Console has finished.
Note: The DB remains consistent and the entered data is not lost on the web gui, so clicking save again solves this problem.


Issue: When installing a standalone SilkCentral Issue Manager 3.2 environment the SilkCentral Test Manager Administration Guide (which conatins administrative information about Test Manager and Issue Manager) is not copied to your installation.

Workaround: You can find the guide in the doc folder of the installation CD (\program files\Segue\SilkCentral Test Manager 7.0\wwwroot\segueroot\doc) or online.

Issue: Using a browser Back button after data changes can lead to duplicate database entries, errors or warnings.

Workaround: Avoid clicking your browser"s Back button after data changes.

Issue: SilkCentral Issue Manager Web Interface doesn"t yet support the following functionalities provided by SilkRadar Administrative Console:

  • Database removal
  • Database schema export to file
  • Broadcast announcements
  • Reported items organized in tree structure
  • Setup Data Wizard
  • User preferences for GUI colors and fonts

Workaround: Use SilkRadar Administrative Console in combination with SilkCentral Issue Manager Web Interface. Note that Broadcast announcements and user preferences for GUI colors and fonts are only available to SilkRadar Administrative Console users.

Issue: With SilkRadar Web Interface (version 3.0 and 3.1) empty fields were saved as blank spaces while SilkRadar Administrative Console saves NULL values. This must be considered when querying for empty fields. (5564)

Workaround: Query for in the WHERE clause.

Issue: Some fields can"t be queried by using Query By Example. (5876)

Workaround: Use an advanced query.

Issue: Key values in master data (e.g. Product Code, Release Code, etc.) can"t be changed.

Workaround: Use SilkRadar Administrative Console to change key values in master data.

Issue: Uploading files with special characters in the name causes problems when using IIS.

Workaround: Use Resin web server which ships with SilkCentral

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