Configuring Silk Central Clients


Configuring Silk Central Clients

To Setup the Silk Central Clients:

  1. Go to Instance Administration page
  2. Click the “Login URL” beside this instance to go to the login page
  3. Login as the “Sysadmin” user of the system to access the System Administration page
  4. Go to the Clients tab
  5. Click “New Client” to create a new Client for the system
  6. Enter a Client Name for your new client
  7. A license limit may be setup for each Client also

8. After creation of a new Client, a popup alert should appear with confirmation of creation of the admin user
9. If needed, restrictions can be placed on the Permissions of the Clients, eg for custom reporting capabilities
10. It should now be possible to login with the new client and admin user advised in the popup message

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