Created On:  10 February 2011


How do you integrate Hudson with SilkCentral Test Manager?


The integration between Hudson and SCTM is facilitated mainly from Hudson.

Link to download the ‘SCTMExecutor’ plugin is as follows:

Steps to Install SCTM Plug-in:

1. Access Hudson
2. Click on “Manage Hudson” from left navigation
3. Click on the “Manage Plugins” link from Manage Hudson page

4. Click on the “Advanced” tab and upload the “SCTMExecutor.hpi” plug-in (which was downloaded above)

5. Now restart the Hudson to see the newly installed “SCTMExecutor” plugin.

6. Navigate to Manage Hudson > Manage Plugins > Installed tab and you will see the “SCTMExecutor” plug-in

Steps to configure the Global Settings for the integration:

1. Navigate to Manage Hudson > Configure System

2. In the ‘Silk Central Test Manager Configuration’ section, enter the Service URL, username and password.

NOTE: The user should be a user with the role 'Test Manager' or 'Tester' having execution rights in the specified project(s).

Steps to create & configure a new job/project :

1. Click on "New Job" link from left navigation pane

2. Enter a job name and select the “Build a free-style software project” option

3. In the configuration page, select “SilkCentral Test Manager Execution” link in the “Add Build step” under Build section

4. Now in the ‘SilkCentral TestManager Execution’ section, provide the details as below (the Execution Definition ID to run, SCTM Project ID etc)

5. Now ‘Schedule a build’ from Hudson which will start executing the SCTM Execution Definition and give results.