Created On:  06 October 2011


I am unable to start/stop services using SilkCentral Service Manager.  The symptoms are:

- This issue can occur when User Account Control is turned on.  When right Clicking service manager and choosing "Stop All services",
   the services are not started. 

- Upon opening SilkCentral Service Manager dialog the "Start" and "Stop" buttons are both enabled.

- When you manually stop the SCTM services using Administration Tools | Services you receive the following error:

         "Windows could not stop the SilkCentral FrontEnd server service on  .  Error 109: The pipe has been ended".


To resolve this, do the following:

- Open Control Panel | User Acoounts.
- Select "Change your User Account Control settings".
- Change this to "Never Notify".
- Save and restart machine.
- Open Start | All Programs | Silk | SilkCentral | Administration Tools.
- Right Click "SilkCentral service Manager" icon and choose "Run as Administrator".

You should now be able to stop and restart SCTM services using service manager.