How to install the Execution Server in Silent mode in Silk Central Test manager

0 Likes install the execution server in silent mode please run the following command

-  WindowsExecServer.exe /s /f1"[PATH_TO_INSTALL_ISS]Install.iss" /v"/qn PROP_LANGUAGE=<LANGUAGE>"

 example:   -  WindowsExecServer.exe /s /f1"c:\temp\Install.iss" /v"/qn PROP_LANGUAGE=EN"

I have attached the file "Install.iss" to this case (see attachments). This file has to be copied into directory "[PATH_TO_INSTALL_ISS]" before executing the silent installation mode. To check, if silent installation of execution server was successful, there should be a file after installation named "setup.log". For a successful installation, it's content should like the following:   [ResponseResult]   ResultCode=0   Resultcode=0 means success, other result codes(!=0) mean failure.

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