Created On:  22 February 2012


After selecting a SilkTest Workbench  test for execution through SilkCentral Test Manager an error is displayed in the Activities tab - "Error retrieving SilkTest Workbench connection file: The entity name must immediately follow the '&' in the entry reference."


A SilkTest Workbench test can be imported into SilkCentral Test Manager and assigned to an execution definition before being executed.  However, when executing the Execution Definition that the SilkTest Workbench test is assigned to, the following message can sometimes be seen when clicking on the test run details in the Activities tab:

The reason this message can sometimes appear is that the password of the SQL Server account which is used to log on to the Workbench database contains non alpha numeric charactesr such as “&”, for example “test&01” or similar.
SilkCentral Test Manager cannot access a SilkTest Workbench test when the database password has a special character such as this in it.  To resolve this issue the database password used by SilkTest Workbench must be changed to remove this special character, for example from “test&01” to “test01”.
Once the password has been changed the test will run successfully from SilkCentral Test Manager.
Incident #2560527