Created On:  04 September 2012


When adding StarTeam 12.5 issue tracking profile to SilkCentral Test Manager 12.0 I get the following error:


There is a StarTeam plugin for SCTM 12.0 that must be applied to allow integration.  This fix also resolves the following StarTeam Integration issues:

- Apply context limits specified in a workflow limiting selectable users (e.g. Responsibility)
- Allow workflows having more than one next steps defined for the entered step
- Support for StarTeam 12.5 servers
- Preselect default values of dropdowns for StarTeam servers without workflows specified
- Fixed store of customized built in enumeration properties.
- Fixed available values for enumeration selection if limited in workflow.

This fix can be dlownloaded from the ftp link below:

The instructions to apply the hotfix can be found in the 'ReadMe' file included.  Note this fix should only be applied to SCTM 12.0 install.
Incident #2587804