When attempting to retrieve the Session ID, why do I get error message "User with Login "<password>" and provided password not found"


To be able to preview a report in BIRT you need the Session ID. Currently the URL to retrieve the session ID is incorrect:-

http://{machine_name}:{port}/services/sccsystem?method=logonUser&painPasswd=&userName= >

For example I have created the following User inSilkCentral Test Manager:

Login: mark
Password: password

Using “http://{machine_name}:{port}/services/sccsystem?method=logonUser&painPasswd=password&userName=mark”will result in the following error

The following URL will return the sessionid:-


So using my example, if I use “http://{machine_name}:{port}/services/sccsystem?method=logonUser&painPasswd=mark&userName=password”the correct session id will appear:-

This causes confusion as, in order for the URL to work you need to specify the "&username" parameter and the "&painPasswd" parameter.

This is a known issue and a Change Request has been logged to resolve this.

Old KB# 25112
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