Created On:  02 March 2010


This is my first time installing SilkCentral Test Manager and I want to make a new database.  How do you do this, if you already have a database server running?


1.  Ensure TCP/IP is enabled in SQL Configuration Manager.  This can be done by clicking on Start > Programs > Microsoft SQL Server 200x > Configuration Tools > SQL Server Configuration Manager.
2.  Expand SQL Server 200x Network Configuration.
3.  Click on Protocols for (your server instance).
4.  If TCP/IP is not enabled, then enable it (by right-clicking on TCP/IP and choosing Enable).
5.  Then double-click on TCP/IP.
6.  Go to the IP Addresses tab.
7.  Towards the bottom, you should see the TCP Dynamic Ports and a number.  Remember that number as you will need it in SCTM.
8.  Go to SCTM, if this is a new install you should be automatically taken to there, otherwise go to Administration > System > Database.
9.  The DMBS Hostname or IP Address is to the database server.  In some cases “localhost” will be fine.
10. The DBMS Type will be MSSQL Server.
11. The Port is the number from TCP Dynamic Ports in SQL Server 200x Network Configuration.
12. The Database/SID is the name of the database, you can name it anything you like as long as it’s not being used by a different database on the same server.
13. The Read-Only User Names and Passwords are optional and not covered in this article.
14. Click Connect.
15. You will then be prompted for a User Name and Password.  It needs to be a SQL User (e.g. sa) with permissions to write a new database on the server.
16. Click OK.
17. You will then be prompted to enter a Repository name.  Either type in a new one or leave it as the default provided.  More data about Repositories are not included in this article.
18. You should then be successful at making a new database.  You should then be prompted to log into SCTM.  The default user of admin with the password of admin should suffice.