Created On:  26 October 2011


When clicking on the "chart" tab for a report in SilkCentral Test Manager it flags an error stating:

"Could not create chart: ORA-01013: user requested cancel of current operation"


This issue may occur if the report returned a large amount of data that then needs to be calculated and displayed within the chart, if the large amount of data takes a long time to process then it may have exceeded the specified timeout and caused this error.

To overcome this:
- Go to the "Properties" tab for the report
- Click on "Edit"
- In the "Edit Report" dialog - either increase the value for the "TimeoutSleep" field or set it to 0.

Setting to 0 means that there is no timeout - and it will wait for all the data to be processed and the chart to be generated.
Incident #2526038