Running Silk Performer tests using Datasource


Below are the steps to set up Silk Performer tests to run in Silk Central Test Manager (SCTM) using a Datasource.

1) Setting up DataSource:

  • Create a project within Silk Performer.
  • Create tests within this project. (e.g browser tests to
  • Create Data Source linking to project folder of Performer.
  • The working folder is located on the Silk Central machine normally at c:\ProgramData\SilkCentral\working.
    • Ensure that an execution server installed on Silk Performer machine to run the tests from Silk Central
    • Ensure that this is set up within the "Execution Environment" section of Silk Central. Steps below.

  • Create a test container and selected data source just created.

  • Create a new child test with this container and selected "Silk Performer Test" as the test type.

  • Click "Browse" to select your Silk Performer project.

  • Click "OK" to select your Silk Performer Workload.

2) Creating Execution Environment:

  • Ensure execution server is installed and running on Silk Performer machine.
  • Create execution environment within SCTM under Execution Planning tab > Execution Environment.
  • Create new Physical Execution Server and assign it a keyword. (Ensure the hostname points to your Silk Performer machine)

3) Running the tests:

  • Create a new execution plan.
  • Assign the Test container created previously to this plan.

  • Go to "Assigned Tests" tab of the Execution Plan and select tests to run from the right-hand side menu.
  • Click the arrow to assign these to the execution plan

  • Go to the "Deployment" tab of the Execution Plan and edit the assigned keywords
  • Assign the keywords created when setting up your Execution Environment.

You can now run Silk Performer tests by either right-clicking this execution plan and running or by assigning a schedule and allowing it to run automatically.

SI: 2809019, 3151595

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