Silk Central 15.0


The latest hotfix for Silk Central 15.0 is hotfix 4. This can be downloaded by contacting Support or from the SupportLine website.

The following issues have been resolved with this hotfix:

  • RPI 1095395: Fixed that Silk Central seems to consume one additional license for itself
  • RPI 1095413: Jira - German issue type "Epos" not recognized
  • RPI 1095474: Grid selection not matching (visual and internal) if tests are sorted by a column and grouped by another column
  • RPI 1096950: Grid Paging wrong on Oracle
  • RPI 1096670: Execution Timeout - Remove setup/cleanup timeout
  • RPI 1097213: External requirements integration (Java plugin): Fixed FK constraint error on Synchronize Changes for new requirements with attachments
  • RPI 1097310: Project import doesn't correctly update step IDs in TM_ManualTestStepResults
  • RPI 1097378: Project baseline takes several hours to be created
  • Product mode detection: Fixed possible incorrect switch between Silk Central and Silk Central Connect


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