Created On:  25 June 2010


When trying to create a source control profile, the following error message is encountered even though the environment variable SSDIR is set properly.   Running the command from a command prompt seems to run fine.

ERROR  command: "C:\Program Files\Microsoft Visual SourceSafe\\ss.exe" DIR "$/" -F- -I- "-YHcc,*****"
Output: Error: No VSS database (srcsafe.ini) found.
Set the SSDIR environment variable to the path of srcsafe.ini for your VSS database.


SilkCentral Test Manager (SCTM) executes the VSS profile using the privileges of the System.  If a System environment variable is created with the full path to the VSS database, SCTM may still not reference this environment variable.

Therefore, to connect to a local VSS database on a local machine.
- Specify the full path to the VSS database.
- Specify the working directory (e.g. c:\folder_name)

For a remote connection to a VSS database
- Specify the full path to the remote VSS database (e.g. \\host\database_folder )
- Specify the UNC user for the host (e.g. host\user_name)
- Specify the UNC user password

Furthermore, it is recommended to specify the full path to the VSS database when creating the profile rather than trying to use a System environment variable.  This ensures that should remote executions be required in the future, it would not be necessary to specify the System environment variable on all remote execution servers, rather, because the full path is already specified in the profile, this information will be collected by all remote execution servers.
Incident #2452444