Created On:  05 October 2010


What is the new Link feature in SilkCentral Test Manager 2010, and when would I use it?


SilkCentral Test Manager 2010 includes a new enhancement, which enables you to link Test Definitions to more than just one Test Container in the TestPlan.

Previously when a Test Definition was required in multiple Test Containers; you effectively had to duplicate the Test Definition, in each Test Container where it was relevant. The main benefit of this new feature is that it negates the need to duplicate your Test Definitions; as a single Definition can now be linked to other Test Containers. As can be seen in the screenshot below; the Test Definition in the 'SilkTest Tests' container has been linked to the 'Usability' Test Container, which is now shown within the Test Definition's parent Test Container:

Incident #2479903