When trying to update a test container from Excel the test container failed to update.


Once your test container information has been exported from SCTM to Excel, further modifications can be applied.  The Excel document can be modified with new information or details. After saving these changes the Excel file is then updating the Test container information within SCTM:  However it is important to:

  • Ensure the column referenced exists within the Excel document.
  • The changes and modifications have been saved correctly before attempting to update the containers within Silk Central Test Manager.
  • There are no duplicate column field names within the Excel document. There should be only one instance of the column name including one set of data.

If there are 2 columns with the same name or in the case of ambiguous column names the import tool uses the last column for mapping.  The column names need to be unique to allow the data to be updated correctly within the SCTM Test containers.


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