Silk Central requests database connection details after system reboot


After a normal system reboot Silk Central should not request the database connection details again. However depending on your system it may be the case that the SQL Server service is not available when the Silk Central Application server is started.

To resolve this you can utilise the new service startup type which has been introduced In Windows called "Automatic (Delayed)". Services with this type start a short while after the system has finished its booting and initial busy operations, so that the system boots up faster. If you set the startup type of the SilkCentral service to "Automatic (Delayed)" to ensure the system and consequently the SQL Server are runnning before starting the SilkCentral services the database connection details should not be requested.

Another option would be to delay the loading of a specific Windows services and to ensure that one service has started and is available for use before another To do this you can specify dependencies between services. You can find further information on setting dependencies between services in this KB-article:

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