Automated executions are stuck in "Uploading Data" status


This issue can occur with Silk Central 12.1 when creating a new database with default sample data because the default execution server is added in a corrupted state. While the status is "Active", another column "IsUtilized" is 0/false, whereas it should be 1/true. This can be verified with the SQL:


For physical servers (as opposed to virtual ones), if the column "State" is 1, column "IsUtilized" should be 1 as well, but is actually 0.

As a result, each execution on this server fails to be uploaded, while in the Current Executions page, state "Uploading Data" keeps displaying.

To resolve this please proceed as follows:
1) In the Administration - Locations - Execution Servers UI deactivate the execution server
2) Via Service Manager stop-restart the application sever
3) In the Administration - Locations - Execution Servers UI activate the execution server again

Alternative method to resolve issue:

1) Stop the application sever
2) Execute following SQL:
UPDATE SCC_ExecServers SET IsUtilized = 1 WHERE ExecServerType = 0 AND State = 1
3) Start the application server

Also note that Hotfix 6 for Silk Central 12.1 has been provided that resolves the issue for future database creation. To obtain this HotFix please contact SupportLine.

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